Brand Campaign
Role: Visual Designer
Agency: R/GA
Press: AdAge, AdWeek, Marketing Dive, Media Post, Business Wire

TurboTax 2024 Campaign

After winning the AOR, R/GA US launched TurboTax's first-ever 3-year 360 campaign, "Make Your Moves Count." This campaign celebrates the bold choices made in 2023, the unique tax situations that arise from them, and the TurboTax Experts who help make sense of it all.

Targeting an ambitious generation of Americans striving for authentic futures, the campaign addresses the frustration of navigating a tax system that was designed to hold them back. "Make Your Moves Count" highlights these milestones as moments of celebration rather than stress.

Shot by Rodrigo Valdes, the campaign follows seven diverse storylines across multiple platforms, culminating in a major feature during the 2024 Super Bowl.

Campaign Design

Our design strategy behind this was to mirror the optimism and forward-thinking mindset of Risers, the target demographic, by incorporating the Watermelon-50 color scheme. The use of blending modes allows the campaign headline to dynamically interact with the visuals, creating an integration that enhances that overall narrative.

We chose a color palette far different from other tax providers, ensuring the brand stands out from a sea of corporate colors that disconnect from the growing market of tax payers.

This visual strategy is not just about aesthetics; it aligns with TurboTax's mission to empower and support their audiences to make bold moves and maximize their potential when navigating their financial journey.


Our team designed a developed a robust guideline for the campaign design that was then translated for web to be shared out with other agency partners.

Credits: Global CCO: Tiffany Rolfe | CCO, US: Shannon Washington | Group Creative Director: Ryan O’Keefe | Group Executive Design Director: Han Lin | Creative Directors: Katie Yoder, Spencer Cook, Katie Edmondson, Pawel Rokicki, JP Gonzalez | Associate Creative Directors: Natalie Rojas, Rémy Law | Senior Art Director: Emma Kasarsky, Andrey Ter-Grigorian | Senior Copywriter: Mac Scherwin, Colin Hodges | Visual Designer: Roberta Nicastro, Lillie Laurier | Junior Visual Designer: EunSoo Kim, Seamus Deegan | SVP Executive Strategy Director, US: Yael Cesarkas | Executive Director, Media & Connections: Daniel Morosi | Group Strategy Director: Kaitlyn Frysztak | Director of Marketing Sciences: Zack Mirsberger | Strategy Director: Mariana Revilla | Senior Strategist: Patty Suarez | Senior Connections Planner: Samantha Sacks | Senior Connections Planner: Zena-Marie Acholonu | Junior Strategist: Julie StFelix | Analyst: Katie Joyce | VP Managing Director: Joe Ladd | Group Account Director: Parry Rominger | Management Supervisor: Dominique Appel | Account Executive: Nafisa Hassan | Account Coordinator: Chadd Pouge | Executive Production Director: Jeff Skutnik | Senior Producer: Abby Tarver | VP Head of Content Production, US: Jesse Brihn | Director, Print Production: Erica Jensen | Executive Content Producer: Purvi Sheth, Lauren Powzyk, Steve Intrabartola | Content Producer: Mike Tockman | Executive Director, Business Affairs: Lynda Blaney-Smith | Senior Manager, Business Affairs: Miriam Hughes

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