Sometimes, I design for fun. Other times, I design for freelance. I also take pictures on old cameras that I don't entirely know how to work yet and make playlists for specific scenarios. Anyway, here's a bit of everything.

Hope you have as much fun scrolling as I did making.


Made for moments when you're hosting a dinner or game night and need something easy that doesnt require much maitenance, attention, or skips.
Imagine a jazz bar and club share a wall— these songs are what come of it.
Songs that were sampled and the song that sampled it. All collected and discovered organically by yours truly. Forever a WIP
Ideal for when you're driving alone at night on the highway with the windows rolled down and have a lot on your mind.
Designed to be a predictable soft launch for those interested and/or curious about the delicacy that is bossa nova.
Self explanatory?


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