2018 – 2019
Brand Identity
Web Design
Art Direction

Adobe Indesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

OUFF Brand Identity

OUFF is a high-end fashion brand inspired by Grand Prix heritage. Their elements of design are nuanced by the culture of racing but are fitted for an every-day person.

For this brand, I developed a comprehensive visual language for the company, create a custom typeface for their logo, designed all of their branded materials, directed their creative content, and managed all outsourced talent. As Art Director, I assisted the brand in maintaining its identity across all platforms including, but not exclusive to: the garments, social presence, technical sheets, emails, etc.

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Garment Design Details

Ouff designs are actualized through the history of Grand Prix and refined to be represented in a modern context. Concepts in style are drawn from the Grand Prix aura while elements of functionality are exaggerated and manipulated allowing for creative and innovative silhouettes.

I assisted in developing button designs, hang tags, woven tags, t-shirt illustrations, and leather tags to maintain brand consistency from their website to the tags on their denim jackets.

Design Ideology

The garment design for the first collection explored Grand Prix’s rich heritage while serving customers with a deep-rooted and dynamic physical illustration. Alongside the OUFF team, I helped establish a language for the photoshoots with the vision of the product shots, website, and marketing material in mind for the future and growth of the brand.

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