2019 – 2020
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Film Prop Design

The details that aren't always seen in focus while watching a film often go unnoticed, but they make the storytelling more believable and help ground audiences in the film and make them feel as if they were there. Simple graphic design elements such as typewritten notes, rubber stamps, and carefully selected paper types, can all add up to create a more authentic experience for both the cast and the audience.

For HOCA Studio's Bilbo and the Legend of the Last Living Cow, I designed 5 politically-charged cow posters and 4 custom designed milk cartons. 

Film Synopsis

A mass cow extinction began, causing the world’s temperature to increase severely, and dairy was wiped from the face of the earth almost instantly. When all he wanted was the support from his mother, she had vanished too, with no explanation. He wondered the world completely lost until one day he discovered there might be one cow still living. With the help of his childhood best friend, Alex, the two venture onto a road trip filled with trials, tribulations, and a van. Through this journey, Bilbo finds himself asking: What would I do for one last glass of milk? While this film is an absurdist adventure, it is also rooted in a discussion of how we impact the environment and animals around us.

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